Designer Fulya Kuzu on focusing on our true colors to find purpose in design work and in life

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Fulya Kuzu is a visual communication designer based in Frankfurt, Germany. Throughout her design journey, she has been exploring and honing her skills in branding, packaging, and editorial design projects. Besides her interests in design and art, she is very interested in sociology and ethics (including human, gender, and animal rights), psychology, cooking, and healthy living. She joined jovoto just over a year ago when we were on the lookout for new talent and she’s quickly become a regular in our Invite Projects with cosmetics brands.

A colorful “hi” from Germany 🙂 – Fulya’s submission in the Community Connect project back in May stood out from the crowd and she was one of the three designers we selected for a Creative Spotlight feature. This is the second one of the three to hit the blog – following on from Ibrahim Ahmad – so, without further ado, let’s get stuck in…


jovoto: Why did you join jovoto and how has your experience on the platform been so far?

Fulya: My packaging design projects caught the eye of the lovely community manager and creative guide Kasia and she reached out to me and introduced me to jovoto. It’s been an amazing experience ever since! I’ve never experienced such a kind and creative community of designers in the design field before, jovoto reminded me of the best parts of the industry. I’ve gotten to work on very innovative and interesting projects for big brands – and at all different stages of projects. This gave me space to grow and step outside my (design) comfort zone.

Fulya’s packaging design for NYX Makeup


If you had a magic wand, which three things would you change in the world?

To be honest, there is only one big thing I would love to change: to change the world into one big whole sustainable community! A harmonious community in which everyone feels welcome and fully accepted, and in which every individual is taken as they are and care for each other and our only home: planet earth. I’m hoping that kindness and caring takes over one day!

Fulya’s packaging redesign for THE HUMBLE CO.


You are a self-professed big color fan, what is your favorite color? … or maybe top three if you can’t name one?!

To limit a color lover to only three colors is already a big thing though! But… I guess I would choose a warm route with honey yellow, a nice tone of peach, and a radiant red.

“Making arts and breaking hearts” – one of Fulya’s personal projects.


What do you think all designers should ask themselves or do every day?

Easier said than done: to find a purpose and passion in what you are doing and let this flow into your designs. I truly believe that the thoughts crossing our mind, and our personality and personal energy show up in each design we do. So, our personal purpose can align accordingly and that‘s okay. We‘re not always as productive and focused, our interests and styles may also change in time. Just grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and a cup of tea or coffee – and seeing where that takes you – just doing what feels best is always a great idea. Looking around at your environment and doing things besides design to get some fresh air can be very inspiring as well.

Fulya’s branding & packaging design for Merriment Coffee


How do you keep up with the latest design trends? What resources do you use to inspire yourself?

The internet is my biggest treasure. All creative platforms like design and art blogs, Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram inspire me daily. While you stay up-to-date about the design industry and gain lots of input and know-how, you also see how design styles and trends are evolving over time. I believe that everyone should find their personal favorites to follow on each platform to stay inspired. Besides that nature, architecture and minimal food styling inspire me a lot.


Nice! Would you be willing to share some of your personal favorites?

Is nine too many to mention?! They’re all on opposite poles, so I couldn’t resist listing them all… Kelli Laderer / @goodvibestype, Matt / @matteyyy_, Jasmina Zornic / @jasminazornic_design, Mélanie Johnsson / @melanie.johnsson, Petra Eriksson / @petraerikssonstudio, Lisa Odette / @lisaodt, Ricky Linn / @rickylinn, Maybe @holamaybe and UntitledArmy / @untitledarmy.


Pretty in pink! Frankfurt am Main.

And last, but not least, tell us something about where you live! What is the most creative place in Frankfurt? Or is there a place that everybody who visits the city should go?

Even though Frankfurt is known as a banker city and a center of the finance world, it also has a big creative scene, which boasts lots of creative workshops, exhibitions and fairs. My favorite spots are definitely the small local cafes all with their own original touch – and good food and drinks of course! Strolling around the Main river and enjoying a nice sunset view of Frankfurt’s skyline gives me lots of joy. Nature is integrated really well all around the city as well – the city’s nice parks inspire me a lot. Frankfurt also offers a lot of beautiful architecture: from the old town to modern skyscrapers.

Thanks Fulya, it’s been nice getting to know you better!

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