We’re a co-creation and open innovation platform helping organizations gain access to customer-centric solutions.

Our global network includes more than 100k talents, experts and partners.

Our legacy

We’ve solved hundreds of innovation challenges for the world’s top brands since 2007. Since day 1, our mission has been to create a future of work for creative talent that is fair and encourages the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

As a result, today our community is filled with young and ambitious talent who bring their consumer-mindset, personal and cultural experiences, as well as diverse creative skills to the table, making it possible to build the best teams to solve any creative challenge.

Our values

Diversity: We know it for a fact, better ideas can only be achieved with diversity – both within teams and across teams.

Collaboration: We are team players with a collaborative mindset and encourage our community to collaborate as well. Together we are better!

Responsibility: We take responsibility for the fair treatment of our creatives and the success of our clients.

Transparency: Our aim is to make the work we do more transparent for all stakeholders – the creatives, our clients, and the jovoto team.