Past, Present, Future
What I've made and what I want to make next


Hello lads. I'm Ahmad from Indonesia. I want to share my story about where I started, what I am doing now, and what I plan to do next; to put it simply: Past, Present & Future.

When I was still in high school (2012), I found out about 3D printing tech and start learning 3D modelling to sell it on Shapeways, a commercial 3D print platform (image on next slide). This was my first step into creative industry.

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In college, my friend & I started a music label called Big Pumpkins. I'm not a musician at the time, but curious with the music industry as the label grows.

After graduation, I work in agency called BrandCompany & focus on annual report project & somehow hooked with the idea of starting a business.

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In 2018, I resigned from my agency to be a freelancer while thinking about what business I want to do.

My freelancing journey focused on packaging & label design, and illustration. I didn't earn much the first year, but it did exceed my target and taught me about finance & business planning.

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Besides the usual design gig, I also produce music under artist name "Envinite".

I learn to make music during my time on the previous Big Pumpkins label. I released my first single in 2018 and 3 new music in 2019.

Because producing music takes some time, I figured to create illustration just so my IG page didn't look too empty. Below you'll see the evolution of my illustration style from where I started (left) to the most recent (right).

Check out for my music & illustration.

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During my freelance time I built & use my own 3D printer. What I found is that 3D printing isn't cheap & produces many waste and most recycling infrastructure wouldn't be able to handle it properly.

From this problem, I formed a business idea called "Filagain". It is an eCommerce platform that sell 3D print materials & exchange users 3D print waste with points that they can use to buy materials; while we process the waste into new materials again.

You can see the MVP on

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So what next? Will this Filagain become my next move then?

That I don't know. It is still an idea that I need to discuss with 3D printer users & recycling communities. It is an untested business model & not a large market size currently. In the meantime, I use the survey on the website to see if there's enough demand of this idea.

Even I'm still not sure where my designer career or music producing scene will go. Perhaps I will ditch them to focus on business, perhaps I will ditch the business to pursue music instead. Life can be unexpected sometimes. Maybe I will try something else later on. Who knows what future awaits me.

One thing for sure is that it's either I become very good at few things, or can do everything but be average doing them. So surely I have to sacrifice one of my dream later on.

So that's a brief of my story, would love to see your story, cheers from Indonesia :)