10 Swiss Army Knife designs that have stood the test of time


The Swiss Army Knife is one of Switzerland’s best-known exports with a fan base all around the world. Victorinox, the brand behind the famous product, came to jovoto to collaborate with our creative community to design their Classic Limited Edition 2012. They have returned every year since, making this the 10th time that a jovoto project is focused on coming up with creative designs for the small 58mm knife.

Each year, the Victorinox projects bring together hundreds of designers from many different countries with different levels of experience, everyone is invited to submit design ideas and see if theirs stands out of the crowd. The project jury selects a shortlist which then goes to a global vote, the 10 designs that then make the cut each year have impressed thousands of people, the world over. No matter whether they cater to a niche market or have a broad appeal, they are sure to stand the test of time.

To mark the 10th project milestone, we asked 10 people connected with the projects to select their favorite design from previous editions and share with us why this particular design stands out to them. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in … 

Black and White 

Limited Edition: 2012
Designed by Randula Uvin Gunasena
Selected by Timo Cerny, jovoto’s Lead Community Manager

“This is the knife that’s been on my keychain ever since I joined jovoto. The black and white floral design resonated with me and I really like its look. It is playful and pretty while at the same time minimalistic. My knife has been a useful and trusted helper in many situations, from opening packages, fixing a screw to getting lint out of my phone’s charging port. I usually don’t leave the house without it.”

Flip to Decide 

Limited Edition: 2013
Designed by Gareth Turkington
Selected by Conradin Sonnenberg, Founder & CEO of Open Creation Consulting (and former Creative Strategist at jovoto) 

“I loved this design idea from the first second I saw it. The design concept encourages a playful and meaningful interaction with the small Swiss Army Knife. It’s the design that I always carry around with me on my keychain.

For the 10th time now, I have the honor of being involved in the Classic Limited Edition design challenge for Victorinox on jovoto.”

Iron Factory

Limited Edition: 2013
Designed by Marcos Andrade
Selected by Rohit Sharma, Senior Innovation Project Manager at jovoto, who has been part of Victorinox’s design journey with jovoto since 2017 

“This design got my attention firstly because of the designer’s unique idea to portray the production process in an Iron factory. Secondly, because of the careful attention to every tiny detail in the design. It is a tough job to showcase all these small details on a pocket-sized knife! It’s cool and fits well as the design on your on-the-go toolbox aka the small swiss army knife.

I’m glad to be part of the project this year again, as the lead Project Manager on the jovoto side.”


Limited Edition: 2013
Designed by Mauro K
Selected by Luis Gutiérrez aka DIZAINI, a Graphic Designer from Mexico who has been in the jovoto community since 2013 and has had FIVE, yes FIVE, designs in the Victorinox Limited Editions. 

“I chose the “Matrioshka” idea because It’s very iconic and wonderful in every way, its shape, colors, and tradition make it a “must-have”.

The Victorinox projects have been great opportunities for me because I have developed my skills through each project with the iconic brand. Beyond that, I was successful in the ultimate goal, with 5 of my designs receiving Client Choice Awards. It is a great honor for me to be part of its history. Thanks a lot for jovoto’s support and appreciation. Sending a big hug from Mexico!”


Limited Edition: 2014
Designed by NorthernSoul
Selected by Bastian Unterberg, jovoto’s Founder & CEO

“I always liked this Sailor design – it’s the one I often carry with me on my keychain.  This design takes a brand from the Swiss alps all the way to the ocean. The color scheme, the minimalistic appearance of the boats, the playfulness of the design as well as the integration of the iconic Victorinox brand is what makes the Sailor so appealing to me.”

Happy Folks

Limited Edition: 2016
Designed by Magdalena Bardzinska-Frank
Selected by Kasia Galloway, Community Manager at jovoto

“My favorite design up to date must be the Happy Folks. It might be my polish roots speaking but I just love the folklore illustration! It’s beautifully executed, it captures the folklore spirit perfectly. It has a modern twist, but respects the traditional, original elements and style. The composition and colors work perfectly together and the design incorporates the Victorinox logo seamlessly. I’ve been using it as a keyring for ages now and I love it!

This year’s Victorinox project is my first one and I cannot wait to see all of the submissions!” 


Limited Edition: 2017
Designed by Concept Bre.
Selected by Patricia Lengen, Head of Category Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox

“This was actually a really hard decision, we have received so many fantastic and cool submissions over the last couple of years. Nevertheless, I chose “Glimmers” – this design has something magical and fascinating for me. It enlightens the night, the darkest trails, and also shows off a wonder of nature – the fireflies.”

Call of Switzerland 

Limited Edition: 2018
Designed by Eva Wolkersdorfer
Selected by Randula Uvin Gunasena, a Graphic Designer from Sri Lankan now based in Sydney, Australia who joined jovoto in 2010 and, like Luis, has had FIVE designs go into production on a Classic Swiss Army Knife! 

“This design is successful because it shows 2 stages of a journey and both sides use different colors to represent their environments. I am fascinated by designs with lots of detail, no matter how small they are. The more you look at them, the more you keep finding something new. It is like looking through a small window into another world.

I am currently working as a Graphic designer in a company as well as operating my own business providing visual solutions to communication problems. I joined jovoto nine years ago and it has been an interesting journey. There are many opportunities to learn from professionals and inform yourself about your designs. The jovoto team does a great job of providing key details in the briefs that designers need for the projects.” 


Burger Bar

Limited Edition: 2019
Designed by Andrea García & Fernando Anciola
Selected by Stefanie Grab, Product Manager Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox

“I needed quite a long time to choose, but in the end, it had to be “Burger Bar”. This design fascinated me since the submission and I was very lucky that the community voted it under the top 10. I especially like the neon colors and the cool way it is designed. Besides that, I love Burgers ?”

Swiss Mountain Dinner

Limited Edition: 2019
Designed by Pavlina K
Selected by Luisa Lohmann, Innovation Project Manager at jovoto. 

“I use my Victorinox knife with this design on so much, especially during camping, and it has helped me out in so many different situations. This design captures this feeling of having good times in the summer with friends, eating outside, and having adventures. 

It’s my second year working as a project manager for the Victorinox project and I’m always so amazed by the number of creative ideas submitted and how many designers this project brings together every year.” 

So there we have it, 10 designs selected by 10 people connected to the jovoto – Victorinox partnership. Swiss Army Knives are products that people carry with them for years and they are used for all eventualities. Especially when it comes to the small classic knives that are perfect for attaching to keychains, we get used to them being a part of our daily lives. Having the limited edition designs on the casing goes the extra mile to create a connection between the user and their chosen design.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Victorinox projects over the years, and especially to the designers who never fail to disappoint with their creative ideas. We are looking forward to seeing which designs catch the jury’s eye this year. Here’s to the last nine years and to all the years to come in the future!

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Helen Gimber

Helen is into creativity, collaboration & collectivity! She joined jovoto in 2015 as a guide for Textile Design projects and has been a regular fixture of the community marketing and management team since.



    Congratulations to these 10 designs!
    Looking back at these 10 knives, I really admire the designer’s skills & creativeness on designing such a beautiful & inspiring knife! I also a bit envy & jealous of their success! Their success have being a good force of challenging myself, every year to design a better knife than the previous year! Hopefully, i can be just like them!

    Oh, thank you, Luisa! I am so happy that your Victorinox knife with my design accompanied you on your adventures! 😉 Have a great summer with many experiences!

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